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       “Choices - Choices” Assembly
           for High Schools and Middle Schools

Age Appropriate

High Energy

Connecting with Messaging

  Championship Drumming



Glen Ridge Public Schools

John M. Mucciolo Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools

The Hip Pickles put on an outstanding show that combined upbeat music and a timely social message.  During the performance the middle school and high school students were enthralled by the contemporary sound of the percussion, the interactive show and the important character education messages that were interspersed through the show. 

I was surprised to watch students actively engaged in Chet Doboe’s brief monologues regarding respect and kindness.  These are messages that students hear over and over again.   But Chet’s talk, the students were listening to.  

Why?  Students are used to hearing these messages from educational professionals.  Chet talked in jargon free, everyday terms that interested the students.  Overall, the Hip Pickles performance is engaging and important, a lively adjunct to the middle and high school character education and anti-bullying messages. 

A testimonial

The Program

Making Connections: Our opening High Energy drum performance and singing   establishes with students a rapport and demonstrates our music excellence.

Messaging:   Our program is centered on “feelings”.   For example:  How do you feel when you are mistreated?  Treated Nicely?  When someone Respects you?

We strive to get our audiences to “feel” our messages throughout our program.

And secondly, our goal is to excite the idea of “Empowerment of making Good Choices”.

Delivery:   Our effectiveness is driven by the variety in our Message Delivery:                           

-  Contemporary music styled songs and lyrics  

 Motivational Speaking  

 Pre-recorded motivational clips 

 Using our large collection of Culturally Diverse musical instruments 

 Drum Battle ... A Series of Exciting Exchanges of 2 measures of 
 wow drumming with 10 seconds of Character Education Wisdom




  Choose to think things through

  Gather Facts from ‘knowledgeable” resources

  Be a great listener and listen to people who are wise


  Be strong, make ‘YOUR’ choice and put Peer Pressure in its proper place

  Choose to Treat People the way you would like to be treated

  Choose to look for opportunities to create acts of kindness

  Respect our Diversity... we all different, yet we’re all the same

  Drugs, Alcohol, Health, Driving, etc...   Listen to the science, respect the


  Be Responsible

The Messages:      “It’s all about Choice”

                              The Songs

Treat People Right -    How does it feel?  Do the right thing  

Responsibility -  “ I think before I act” 

Choices Choices -  Think things through, make good choices

Respect Respect  -   Anti-bully Song / Cultural Diversity song

We are all one people of the world  - Cultural Diversity Song

Hip Pickles Presents

    John M. Mucciolo

    Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools

     “Choices - Choices” Assembly

“Leaving Lasting positive impressions

on Young People”
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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