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               Family Nights

Hip Pickles Presents

Unforgettable night of “Music With a Message” and Fun . . .


  “The Audience will feel like they are not just watching a show……

                               They will BE part of the show!”


The Fun Night

Bringing Communities together

Custom Themes for your Family Night


* Incredible “Wow!” performance by the Hip Pickles

          (voted # 1 percussion by the readers of Drum Magazine 4 TIMES!)

                                     6 time DCA World Champions

             Super Drumming………… Cool Vocals…………….Great Songs

* Lots of laughs and Family Fun

  1. *Interactive Sing-Along Segments – bringing Families Together

  2. *Pickle Mania Dance Sensation DANCE Contest!

  3. *Pickle Idol Vocal Contest   (feels like a TV show)

  4. *The funnier than Funny HA HA HA ... Laughing Contest

  5. *“Can you beat this smile” Smile-off

* All Star Young People’s Drum Band (interactive segment)

          Fun and awesome-sounding performance   (40-60 students get to perform on
           the coolest percussion instruments brought by the
Hip Pickles)

  1. *Special Show-Stopping Adult Drum Band (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa)

  1. *Student Feature - Shaker Brigade - featuring the youngest children 

  2. *

  3. *Many themes to choose from, (Reading (PARP), Character Ed etc...)

  4. *featuring

  5. *                  ur call for more details.

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