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Reading Rocks
Read a good book

One of our theme songs to excite young people to read.  (For PARP, Reading Programs, Family Nights and Library Performances)

Reading is fun

Hip Pickles Presents

“Way cool!  Can’t wait to have them again!”   Rachel Fox  - Port Washington Public Library

                                        A Pep Rally for Reading


                                     The Assembly

     - Incredible Drumming - - Cool Vocals
     - High Energy - - -
     - Catchy “Reading Rocks” Theme Song
     - Presentation of Hip Pickles “5 star books”
     - Special Student Book Review Segment
     - Throughout the show, audience members perform on
         our“Reading Rocks” drums with the Hip Pickles
     - “Puh-Puh- - Puh Puh - - Power of Books” Hip Hop Sing Along

     - Super Colossal, Interactive, All Star Drum Finale!

     - Plus MORE!

Can you Feeeel the Excitement?

I    LOVE   BOOKS!!!

Copyright 2013 The Hip Pickles. All rights reserved.


       Video        Coming Soon