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           Some of Hip Pickles’ Past Corporate Clients:

   American Express              Glaxo-Wellcome                        Federal Express

   IBM                                     Pharmacia & UpJohn               LensCrafters

   Bell South                           Hughes Corporation                  TV Guide

   NY Yankees                        Incredible Universe                   NY Islanders

   United Nations                    Astra Zeneca                              Shire Pharmacia

   Sun Guard                           New York Dragons                    Vistacon

   Sepracor                              Novo Nordisk                              American Red Cross

   Scan Source                         Golden Corral                             Pfizer-Mexico
   Forest Labs                          The U.S. Tennis Open                New Jersey Nets
   San Antonio Spurs              Chicago Bulls                              The Girl Scouts

   Milwaukee Bucks                American Leisure Corp.             Philadelphia Sixers
   American  Cancer Society  American Museum of Natural History

   Michael J. Fox Foundation The Association of Music Producers (AMP) 
                                                  New York City Disaster Relief Fund


The Award winning Hip Pickles’ Corporate Ensemble


Zap  Boom  BAm

          Electrifying Session Openings                           
                    Exciting  Session Breaks                                                                                                                          
                           Show Stopping Session Finales   
                                Corporate Team Building Sessions                                                                                                                             
                                       And MORE . . .

    Zap Boom Bam is the Corporate/Special

Event performance ensemble created by the Hip Pickles.


A multi-dimensional Drum Band from Long Island, New York, Zap Boom Bam is led by Music Director/Drummer Chet Doboe. 

The unique style of Zap Boom Bam, is an exciting blend of drumming, singing, hip choreography, humor and “interactive” audience participation.

Zap Boom Bam has a large repertoire of High Energy Performance productions which can be orchestrated for 4 to 12 players.  

The Combination of Experience, Savvy, Creative writing and Talented Cast, makes Zap Boom Bam one of the premier performance groups to excite Corporate Events.

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