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"The  Hip Pickles 
never fail to completely 
        knock us all out with their performance!" 
               Ron Spagnardi
               Modern Drummer Magazine

"The Hip Pickles are without a doubt the most talented group of percussionists my eyes have ever seen.

The amount of energy they expound during a performance is enormous. The fast action of their show leaves the audience breathless."   

                            Fred Mowbray

                          Drum Corps World

 “ Performers never stayed still,
   bouncing all over the stage as they played.
               VERY exciting, THUNDEROUS performance.”
                                        Kevin Gamin
                         Drum Corps Planet
Review from Serenade in Brass 
        Harrisburg, PA


 I’ve seen Stomp and Blue            
 Man Group as well as 
 Hip Pickles.  While they are
 both great productions and a lot of fun, you    
 are a couple of guys, doing your show and involving   
 everybody at the show.

 Pound for pound, you guys put out so much more.  It’s Wonderful &  
 rare company in which you all find yourselves.”  

                               Joe Grandwilliams
                               Goodtimes Magazine

                                Everyone here

                              LOVED your show!

             - adults and kids.  Thank you so much for

                 putting on two  “fabulous” shows!!!

                                      You guys are awesome!”

                   Sharon Edwards
             Ashford Youth Services Concert                                                   
            at Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall

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