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      Cultural Diversity Assembly

Hip Pickles Presents

    This assembly is a Celebration of who we are, and where we come from.   Pride in our Diversity and yet the Awesomeness

and Pride in our Unity.

                “We are different, and Yet we are all the same.”

  - The Presentation  -  1. We show, in a very powerful Student demonstration, how our diverse instruments from different places all over the world get along and set an example of how we should all get along.

  1. 2. We Perform Songs of Diversity:   Babu, Fanga,  We Are All one People of the World, Respect One Another, ...... 3. Lead students in a Diversity Drum Circle (30-40 Students),   4. The Culture Dance  5. Interactive Diversity Drumming segment featuring teachers. 







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  1. Hip Pickles Music With a Message ....   Sure - - WOW Championship Drum Performance by the Hip Pickles.......

  2. B u t, The Hip Pickles Cultural Diversity Assembly fosters understanding of our differences and yet how we are all the same.  Respecting one another is the key.       
    Powerful and insightful impressions.